Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

There is something about a Hot Stone massage when the weather is colder that sounds intensely inviting. The thought of lying down without any distractions in a cosy environment with soft lighting and music that makes you want to drift off … add to that the warmth of the hot stones on your body .. ahh bliss!

But there is much more to these heated black basalt stones that are used to massage the body, than just comfort and warmth. A hot stone massage combines thermotherapy with massage techniques to provide an effective healing therapy as well as releasing deep seated tension.

When these round, smooth stones are used to massage the body, they are first heated to luxurious warmth, oiled and then placed in the palm of the hands to massage. This promotes profound relaxation, increased detoxification, and relief of long-standing muscular tension, stress and fatigue.

We invite you to relax with us and recapture the forgotten sense of well-being.

The Hot Stone massage further helps along circulatory activity which increases the release of toxins from the muscles, assisting the body in self-healing. Tense muscles are more easily softened and eased by the deeply penetrating heat of the stones. This sets the tone for rejuvenation and being fully re-energized in body, mind and spirit. And that evening you will sleep like a baby.

Because at Ginkgo Spas we really care about your well-being, we’ve put together a wonderful Winter Warmer Spa Special that will help you Restore Moisture and Relaxation.

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