Elim Spa Products South Africa

Elim Spa Products South Africa – Products that understand your Body

Elim MediHeel

Our Pedicure range consists of 6 unique products to give you better results. No More filing and blading, no more sugar scrubs and no more slipping in your shoes after your Pedicure. Demand more from your pedicure and choose an active range that will give you the results you need.

Elim MediHand

Our Manicure Range consists of 5 new products. We believe in never giving you what is already on offer. In our range we developed a Thermal Exfoliator, giving you a thermal effect for maximum absorption. Our Hand Creams are both aimed at ageing hands with pigmentation and our Nail Cleanser is a solution to clients wanting to cleanse, hydrate and sanitize their hands at home.

Elim BodyScience

Science will take care of your body from now on. We believe in moving away from soap and giving the body the chance to absorb the natural Sebum it produces.

Elim BodyScience offers a Body Polish with an oil base. We added some shimmer to leave you glamorous in the Sun. This is the ideal exfoliant in the Shower. The Argan Body Gloss is your perfect blend of 7 top oils with a perfect synergy. Ever dreamt of using Calendula, Arnica, Argan Moroccan, Evening Primrose, Jojoba and much more at the same time, creating the perfect blend for you with the best oils. This is a non-sticky oil that is absorbed immediately. Our restorative Cream is ideal for adding elasticity and can be used all over the body. It is rich and luxurious.