Spa Skin Care Treatments

Includes a personalised consultation, brow shape & a 10-minute foot, hand or scalp massage

The ideal men´s skincare treatment for vital, powerful and resistant skin.

60 minutes R915

Relaxation for body, mind and soul giving new vitality to stressed skin.

80 minutes R1040

A solution for everyone and every skin condition. This gentle skin treatment will cleanse, hydrate, and maintain youthful skin.


45 minutes R630

The SKINOVAGEPX treatment is a combination of professional beauty care and effective, soothing massage. After a thorough skin analysis, skincare products with specific active ingredients and treatment sequence are selected to suit individual skin requirements. This ensures successful results you can both see and feel.


60 minutes R915

This Facial is suitable for clients who want to prevent and treat premature aging; it visibly reduces expression lines in the  skin by relieving micro-tensions, leaving the skin looking youthful, smooth and fresh while the beautiful Collagen Booster Fluid boosts the skin’s ability to produce collagen which in turn will result in firm, plump and younger looking skin.

75 minutes R1030