Spa Skin Care Treatments

(Includes a personalised consultation, brow shape & a 10 minute foot, hand or scalp massage)

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A 30% peeling system using natural Glycolic acid ensures complete skin comfort whilst achieving skin renewal and regeneration. For the treatment of acne, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, lines and wrinkles, dull, stressed skin conditions.

Recommended in a course of 6 – 8 treatments, every 7/10 days

45 minutes R1 050

Thanks to the powerful, energizing active formula in BABOR MEN products, the treatments boost the skin’s performance and resilience as well as combats fatigue and stress. Switch off and wind down with this relaxing treatment, which is designed to calm and de-stress male skin.

60 minutes

Luxury Spa Arniston R790
Petite Spa Claremont R720

Relaxation for body, mind and soul giving new vitality to stressed skin.

90 minutes

Arniston Spa R950
Claremont Spa R780

A solution for everyone and every skin condition. This gentle skin treatment will cleanse, hydrate, and maintain youthful skin.

45 minutes

Arniston Spa R600
Claremont Spa R550
Sea Point Spa R600

The SKINOVAGEPX treatment is a combination of professional beauty care and effective, soothing massage. After a thorough skin analysis, skincare products with specific active ingredients and treatment sequence are selected to suit individual skin requirements. This ensures successful results you can both see and feel.

75 minutes

Luxury Spa Arniston  R870

Petite Spa Claremont  R790

Express Spa Sea Point   R830

This Facial is suitable for clients who want to prevent and treat premature aging; it visibly reduces expression lines in the  skin by relieving micro-tensions, leaving the skin looking youthful, smooth and fresh while the beautiful Collagen Booster Fluid boosts the skin’s ability to produce collagen which in turn will result in firm, plump and younger looking skin.

75 minutes

Luxury Spa Arniston  R980

Petite Spa Claremont  R890

Utilizing the revolutionary time reverse technology of the BABOR Re-Youth complex, this innovative and luxury facial treatment retains and extends skin cell lifespan, reactivates the skin’s own ant-aging mechanisms and reclaims lost  radiance as visibly smooths fine lines and wrinkles. The lifting effects of this treatment are further intensified by an exclusive, intensively firming massage

90 minutes

Luxury Spa Arniston  R2400

Petite Spa Claremont  R2200


BABOR Mini “Ampule Crash” 3-5 Ampules     R150
Ampoules for instant Beauty & Hydration

AHA Peel    R150


(Available the Luxury Spa Arniston & Petite Spa Claremont)

Deep pore cleansing treatment with an algae mask. Firms and hydrates the skin.

60 minutes R720

Designed for problematic skin, this treatment clears impurities, calms inflammations and regenerates the basic functions of the skin, which are important in improving the overall wellness of skin.

60 minutes R720

Innovative activation techniques increase the supply of active ingredients to refuel and energize the skin, leaving it fresh and glowing. Provides instant vitality for jet-lagged and tired skin.

75 minutes

Luxury Spa Arniston  R1020

Petite Spa Claremont  R930

Designed to address the loss of collagen, the main cause of skin aging, this facial features our unique 70% natural soluble collagens. Through their application skin revitalized and returned to a youthful, healthy state.

90 minutes

Luxury Spa Arniston  R1180

Petite Spa Claremont  R1070

This specialized facial is designed to target the treatment of age and dark spots, brighten the skin and help prevent the formation of further hyperpigmentation. By applying the innovative and highly effective Skin Tone Light Serum, the melanin synthesis is blocked at different phases. The complexion is more radiant and even, with long-term improvements through the regular use of Skin Tone Light Serum and Cellular Sun Protection at home. A minimum course of 3 treatments is recommended to compliment homecare regime.

75 minutes

Luxury Spa Arniston  R1020

Petite Spa Claremont  R920

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