Frequently Asked Questions

How early should I arrive?

A minimum of 10 minutes is ideal for each visit, will allow you time to change, relax, use the locker facilities and consult with your personal therapist. Clients that may wish to use the steam/sauna facilities may come in up to 30 minutes early and enjoy a shower prior to services. These however must be booked with your treatment booking.

Do I have to totally disrobe for my spa treatment?

We supply disposable underwear. Our therapists are trained to drape towels and sheets to maintain your privacy, however your own undergarments may be worn, but it isn’t needed and we cannot be responsible for stains and damage.

Should I wear make-up to the spa?

It isn’t necessary. Some services such as facials and make up applications require that the make-up be removed, while many of our body therapies also include some facial treatments.

What do I do with my valuables?

Although we do provide a locker room to our spa day guests, we recommend that you avoid bringing your valuables.

Can I bring my child with me during my service?

We do not allow children accompanying you for any service, no matter how brief. This would be disrespectful to those guests who arranged for childcare and have come to relax. There are also safety issues involved.

What do I have to wear for a pedicure?

We always suggest open toe shoes (sandals/ flip-flops), nail varnish can take up to an hour sometimes to dry so avoid wearing sock or shoes that may press down on the toe.

How long does a treatment package last?

Our Spa Reservationist is available to take your call from 08:00 to 19:00 daily during winter (May – September) and during summer (October – April) from 08:00 – 20:00.  Alternatively, you can email our Spa with your enquiry.

Where do I go for more information and details?

For full details of all our treatments & packages, please visit our Spa Treatments Page.

How do I know my muscles are tight?

Pain, soreness, achy, tired, these are the signs of tight muscles.

Why do muscles get tight and where are my tight muscles?

Tight neck and shoulder muscles
Tight jaw muscles (braces sometimes cause tight muscles)
Allergies (sinus problems)
Eye strain

Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain
Carrying heavy books
A bad fall
Poor posture
Sitting for long periods of time

Knee and Leg Pain

Growing bodies means the bones and muscles are getting longer. Sometimes, as you grow the muscles feel painful or sore. There is one more reason muscles are painful. The last cause of muscle pain has to do with feelings. If someone hurts your feelings or you feel sad, your muscles will ache. If you worry about moving, friends, grandparents, parents, pets, sisters or brothers, school, fighting, traveling and many more things that are important to you, your muscles will feel tight.

What are the benefits of a Sauna/Steam Bath?

This heat treatment should be enjoyed before starting your treatment regime. Medical studies show that frequent sauna bathing, which is extended and controlled exposure to warm, moist/dry air, aids tension relief through muscle relaxation. The elimination of impurities through opened pores keeps your circulatory system running smoothly.

What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy relaxes the muscles by rubbing with hands. The person doing the rubbing is called a massage therapist.

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