Ginkgo Spa Methodology

Opening a spa involves the services of a variety of individual resources:
developers, architects, designers, marketing and public relations experts, concept creators, experts in procurement, management and much more. Our approach integrates the work elements from all of these experts into a clear, concise and concept-driven project model.

Ginkgo’s proven methodology is divided into three phases:


A comprehensive Business Plan with a Profit and Loss Statement is included in this phase. The Business Plan will describe the concept of the spa, detailing the rationale behind the reasons why it will succeed or fail; it will include a description of the proposed location, an inventory of products and services, a marketing overview, a short expos√© of the owner / operator’s vision.

This phase will also include a detailed Capital Expenditure List that will be supported by Pro-forma Invoices. This phase usually takes between six to eight weeks to complete.


Here we create the Brand Identity. We continue to describe the spa’s conceptual design in greater detail, creating synergy between the spa’s name, its identity, the interior design, its unique service offering, the products to be used and its distinctive feel.

We develop an Architectural Brief that will assist the architect to finalise a design and layout of a spa that will be both aesthetically outstanding in look and feel as well as functional.

Plans will be reviewed with recommendations made until all parties concerned are happy.

Ginkgo will develop a Master Design Plan including an overall floor plan and suggested furnishings layout for all areas based on the developer’s specific requirements. The next step will be to create Spa interior design renderings and detailed colour boards followed by a comprehensive budget and schedule of furnishings, fixtures, equipment and finishes.

It will include client and work flow charts, size requirements, the basic conceptual design and drawings of a functional and efficient Space Plan.


This final phase focuses on the development of the business infrastructure. The first task is to define the Spa operation from both the expected client experience and the staff requirements needed to ensure this.

Once this information is in place, Standard Operation and Procedure Manuals will be created and introduced. These will include the Personnel Manual, the Front Desk Manual, and Treatment Protocols. The owner is provided with assistance in recruiting the Spa Manager and staff.

Phase Three culminates in the creation of a 3-4 week pre-opening training program in which a Ginkgo staff member will be on-site for a minimum of seven days to oversee the implementation of all systems.


Whether you are starting a new spa or wanting to improve the results of an existing one, we are happy to provide a complimentary consultation to perform a needs analysis. Please e-mail your request with details to Peter Krug at Travelling and out of pocket expenses relating to the consultation are excluded from this offer.


Following your initial conversation with Peter Krug, you’ll receive detailed information about the services that we can offer you and the applicable fees.

Direct Consultation for specifically identified needs is available hourly, in blocks of time, weekly, or on a monthly basis. This arrangement will able you to make use of our services and receive professional assistance in any aspect of your business needs.

Project Consultation is typically planned over a series of weeks or months, depending on the size, and scope of the project. Fees are quoted based on the demands of the project.

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