Ginkgo Spa Management & Consulting Services

THE DIFFERENCE……………..We are a group of passionate & dedicated professionals that possess a virtue that very few spa consulting companies have. We actually also operate and manage successful spa operations. This means that we are one of the few consultants in South Africa that will be able to offer you realistic advice and know-how based on our hands-on approach and practical experience.

And thus you will, as our client, not only profit from our success but benefit from our mistakes as well.Ginkgo is dedicated to creating facilities and programs that are market-driven and distinctive within their competitive field and can provide conceptual development, design, and operational expertise to a wide range of up-market spa properties i.e. resorts, residential golf estates and hotels.

By “keeping it simple” and concentrating on consumer product development we ensure not only an exceptional guest experience, but maximize business profitability potential. Our fundamental approach to everything we do is in our belief that health is not just the absence of illness. In fact Health is what you experience when your life is in balance, when you feel comfortable within yourself and you experience life as an inspiring, energizing, and complete (whole) occurrence.More and more people are discovering the importance of this mind/body relationship in health.

Our aim is to plan, in cooperation with clients, a unique and innovative spa experience that exceeds the expectations of the discerning spa user, with emphasis on quality service, guest retention and profitability.p.s. We do not copy what other spas have done; but create spas according to individual and consumer needs.

Ginkgo Spa Consulting Services

Expertise Advice, Guidance, Mentorship, and Facility Management Services

Ginkgo Spa Consulting is a world-class partner for developers and owners of businesses affiliated with the hospitality and Wellness Leisure industries. Helping you plan, build, operate and manages spas. Ginkgo Spa Consulting offers our skills and know-how to like-minded partners. The Ginkgo Spa Consult team will guide your Project from the initial planning stage to the proverbial “Turn-key” handover phase. Talk to us for more information.

Peter Krug

Chief Executive

Magna van Schalkwyk

Spa Director: Operations