Spa Body Treatments

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Those feeling tired or defeated will be revitalised with pounding, rubbing and shaking techniques inspired by Roman sports massage, the Energising Touch. These techniques stimulate your metabolism and blood circulation.

75 minutes

Arniston Spa R820

The Balancing Touch inspired by the Kneipp teachings will provide you with balance and inner harmony. This massage with warm black basalt stones and cool white marble has a balancing and soothing effect brought on by the shift between warm and cold.

75 minutes

Arniston Spa R820

Full body Scrub leaving your skin with a healthy natural glow

30 minutes

Arniston Spa R350
Claremont Spa R320

Aromas combined with nourishing essences used in hydrating, relaxing or detoxifying the body.

60 minutes

Arniston Spa R700
Petite Spa Claremont R650

Scalp therapy to stimulate blood circulation & healthy hair.

20 minutes

Arniston Spa R350
Petite Spa Claremont R320

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