Spoil the man in your life

Spoil the man in your life

If you never got round to spoiling DAD on Father’s day, remember it is never too late!

Most men consider a visit to the spa something only women do to enjoy a pampering session. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. With today’s non-stop lifestyle where everything demands instant attention and everyone’s looking for a quick fix because there’s no time and no balance, it’s no wonder that stress contributes to more than 75% of illnesses and diseases today according to a study done by the American Medical Association.

Going back in history Roman and Greek men knew that an olive oil massage was just what the needed after a hard day’s battle to relieve their stress, aches and pains, and protect their skins (and of course they hardly ever took a bath). It’s a proven fact that attending a spa can contribute significantly to your overall well being and has become a valuable alternative and supplement to traditional physio, chiropractic, and psychological therapies.

Ginkgo Spas offer a range of massages, facials, and treatments specifically adapted for men. One treatment at a Ginkgo Spa will convince your “gladiator” that it’s a necessary requirement for survival in our modern day the concrete jungle.

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